Personalized Insurance Options

We offer a variety of insurance products that can provide security in your comprehensive financial plan. No matter your personal situation—whether you’re single or have a family; a full-time professional or a seasonal employee; an executive or small business owner—we will help you identify and implement a personalized insurance plan.


Life Insurance

In the event of death, life insurance offers surviving family members increased financial security. As a tax-free, lump sum payment, it provides funds that can help pay for final expenses and debts.  Most importantly, it can provide crucial income for your dependents at a time when income is most needed.

The advantages of life insurance include:

  • An instantly available estate for your loved ones when funds are most needed
  • Death benefits that are almost always non-taxable for named beneficiaries
  • Avoidance of probate costs if you name a beneficiary other than your estate
  • Accessible savings through some permanent life insurance plans
  • Tax-advantaged capital for retirement purposes


Long-term Care and Disability Insurance

Long-term illness or disability may inhibit your ability to earn wages. We offer products that can help protect your ability to earn income, which can keep you on solid financial footing and see you through uncertain times.

Advantages may include:

  • Maintaining your financial independence, lifestyle, and comprehensive plan
  • Paying fixed expenses for your business, if you become disabled
  • Supporting the buyout of a disabled partner’s share of a business


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance helps by paying the additional expenses often associated with your condition.  We can help identify the best plan that focuses on you, your family, and if applicable, your business—so you can focus on recovery.

Advantages may include:

  • Coverage for up to 22 critical illnesses or conditions
  • An initial lump-sum benefit to be used however you choose
  • Home-care costs during illness and recovery periods
  • Receiving payments, even if you can continue to work in other capacities
  • The optional ability to provide a return of premium benefit
  • Possible qualification for individuals who cannot obtain disability insurance


Health and Dental Insurance

You may or may not be covered under your employer’s group benefits plan. We can help you choose a health and dental plan to help cover out-of-pocket expenses for you and your family.

Popular coverages include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Optometry
  • Foreign medical costs
  • Access to private hospital rooms
  • Dentistry
  • Orthodontics

Contact us today to discuss the appropriate coverage for your needs.

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