Typically we work with professionals and small businesses owners on their path to financial freedom. Our clients are focused on their finances and unsure if they are saving enough or worse missing an opportunity that is costing them money. We spend time getting to know each client and their personal situation in order to best serve each one individually. Because of our comprehensive approach our clients feel confident in the actions they are taking towards their financial future.  They are empowered to make smart financial choices and assured they will accomplish their financial goals. This is the Westbilt Way.

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It’s daunting to think about the day when you may not be able to live independently and care for yourself. But planning early for long-term care can keep you from becoming overwhelmed in the event that you develop a chronic illness, disability or other condition. By planning your care now, you’ll be more likely to have greater control over significant...
Kathleen Owings |
College represents a time of independence in a young adult’s life. It may be the first time that your child has almost complete control over their own finances. From deciding how to use their spending money to deciphering student loan options, it can be difficult for students to adjust to the financial side of college living. But it’s a great time for them to learn how responsibility and planning can lead to success, both for their wallets and their lives after college.
Westbilt Financial Group |
During a crisis, you need answers, and your financial advisor knows this. It is a scramble to find the right information, and sometimes you do not even know whom to call. So, what do you do? Well, luckily for you, we have spent some time thinking about this and have come up with some of the most important things to do to during a crisis.